W I R E L E S S   F I B E R   —  B A C K H A U L   R A D I O S  &  L A S E R S


As featured in Mission Critical Communications Magazine

(LightPointe 60 GHz Radios)

Always-on voice, data, M2M, and video transmission for Mission Critical Wireless Networks

LightPointe’s products are utilized in Mission Critical Wireless Networks which demand 100% uptime in order to protect people, essential equipment, facilities, and public utilities. With the increase in networked devices and need for higher capacity backhaul of such networks, LightPointe's wireless bridges offer unique advantages in transmission security, throughput, and reliability...including redundant systems which automatically switch over to backup systems.

LightPointe's Free Space Optics/Laser bridges, particularly, are often deployed in locations where radio frequency interference, or transmissions, could present a safety hazard, such as in airports and critical public infrastructure facilities. Optical communications are vitually impossible to intercept, and are not susceptible to RF interference or eavesdropping. They are inherently highly secure for data and digital video transmission.

Industries & Sectors for Mission Critical Networks:

  • Utilities (Water, Electricity)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Military
  • Government (Local, State, Federal)
  • Transportation (Airports, Train Stations, Mass Transit)