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How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

Additional LightPointe websites/regional information:
www.LightPointe.de (German-speaking countries/DACH region)
www.LightPointe.mx (Latin America/Spanish-speaking; NEW site)
www.LightPointe.fr (French-speaking countries)

www.60GHzWireless.com (60 GHz Wireless information portal)

www.FireflyLiFi.com (LightPointe co-owns this company, for Visible Light Communications and LiFi)

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Since 1998 LightPointe has been the #1 manufacturer of hybrid outdoor wireless bridges for point-to-point connectivity. We introduced the WORLD'S FIRST 20 Gbps microwave link, which provides a total aggregated link capacity of 40 Gbps! We are a leading innovator in radio frequency 60 GHz, 70 GHz, and 80 GHz wireless bridges, and first to introduce advanced "Upper 60 GHz" radios adhering to newly released frequency bands which are license free, longer distance, and more reliable than any other 60 GHz point to point ratios radios.

We also manufacture the world's fastest radios (Ultra Low Latency), which have become the de-facto standard in faster-than-fiber communications, such as High Speed Trading (HFT), e-commerce, Data Center, and other time-sensitive communications.

LightPointe is one of the most respected and stable companies in the industry. Tens of thousands of Information Technology professionals have chosen LightPointe. Unlike almost every one of our competitors—which have been acquired or have raised as many as five rounds of venture capital—as of 2018 LightPointe is debt free and employees own 100% of the company. Thanks to our loyal customers, 2017 sales were up over 55% over 2016. We also spun off a new company called Firefly LiFi, a leader in LiFi technology which has garnered international attention in Visible Light Communications (VLC).

At our core, we are innovators. In fact, LightPointe's Founder, Dr. Heinz Willebrand, was named to the EE Times list of "Forty Innovators Building the Foundation of the Next-Gen Electronics Industry," right beside Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX), Steve Wozniak (Apple), and other leaders.

Siklu 60 Ghz 80 GHz


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Siklu  Bridgewave Ignitenet Ubiquiti

An outdoor point-to-point radio for any budget, distance, and bandwidth requirement.

AireLink 60  10 Gig

World's highest capacity 60 GHz radio at 10 Gbps!

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