F A S T E R   T H A N    F I B E R   P O I N T    T O   P O I N T   R A D I O S 

How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

Next-generation, affordable and state of the art 70 & 80 GHz Point-to-Point Radios

LightPointe’s AireLink 80 1.25Gig and AireLink 80 2.50Gig wireless millimeter wave radios are designed for enterprise building-to-building/campus connectivity, 4G / 5G LTE mobile telecom carrier networks, ISPs, security camera backhaul networks, and mobile wireless service providers seeking fiber like multi-gigabit backhaul capacity. These highly affordable advanced backhaul radios can be equipped with four high gain parabolic antennas of different sizes for shorter and longer distance applications. Several AireLink Series solutions are also available with built-in Bluetooth street level remote link/performance monitoring, a unique LightPointe feature, and include optional real-time and full line speed AES 256 encryption.

And thanks to LightPointe’s innovative and flexible software license upgrade feature, the customer has the option
to customize feature sets at time of purchase or later as the needs of their particular network evolve. This makes
the AireLink 80 a safe, long-term future proof investment.

  • High speed 1.25 Gbps or 2.50 Gbps full-duplex with low latency performance.
  • Flexible connections, PoE, & helpful LED indicators.
  • Data transmission using industry leading 9 levels of Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM).
  • “Future proof” anytime remote feature upgrades.
  • Real-time full Line Speed FIPS AES 256 encryption option (optional/specific models).
  • Fully Integrated street-level BluetoothTM link monitoring app. (optional/specific models)
  • Choice of fiber optic or copper interfaces.
  • Unparalleled ease of installation, alignment, & operation.
  • Transmission power control for short distance deployments.
  • Redundant power supplies.
  • Compact & aesthetic design for sensitive installations.

AireLink 80 MX Multi-Gigabit Radio

with 1 foot antenna (also available with 2 and 3 foot antennas)

(Note: 2.5 Gbps models are not shown)

AireLink 80 1.25Gig & AireLink 80 2.50Gig

AireLink 80 SX

AireLink 80 LX (2 foot antenna)

AireLink 80 MX (1 foot antenna)