F A S T E R   T H A N    F I B E R   P O I N T    T O   P O I N T   R A D I O S 

How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

World’s first 20 Gbps millimeter wave
system... and it's backed by LightPointe, the leader in hybrid wireless bridges since 1998. The AireLink 80 20Gig system is the highest capacity, longest distance millimeter wave solution in the world.

Since 1998 LightPointe has been the leader in wireless bridges, as competitors have come and gone. Backed by a multi-billion dollar company, LightPointe is capable of relentless innovation and advances in manufacturing, providing peace of mind and the ultimate in high performance radios. The AireLink 80 20Gig utilizes Orthomode Transducer (OMT) polarization technology to achieve an astonishing 20 Gbps full duplex capacity, for a total aggregated link capacity of 40 Gbps—20 Gbps each direction, simultaneously. These radios come with a choice of three high gain field-changeable antennas, 1 foot, 2 foot, and 3 foot, making them the longest distance, highest bandwidth solutions available. And by using modulations up to QAM-256 ensures very high spectral efficiency with only 2 GHz of bandwidth required. These radios are ideal for carriers and ISPs desiring a “future proof” wireless solution. 
Advanced Features

  • High speed full duplex transmission of up to 20 Gbps (GbE), for a total aggregated link capacity of 40 Gbps. This creates the industry’s ultimate “future proof” solution.

  • World’s first 20 Gbps millimeter wave solution. Best of all, they are backed by LightPointe, the leader in Wireless Fiber since 1998.

  • Multiple non-interfering frequency channels.

  • Three choices of high gain field-changeable antennas (1ft/30cm, 2ft/60cm, 3ft/90cm).

  • Hitless adaptive, coding and modulation to ensure highest system availability.

  • Ideal for flexible network topologies (Point-to-Point, Metro Ring/Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Mesh, Multi-Point Star Architectures).

AireLink 80 20Gig Wireless Point to Point (High Capacity Carrier Grade 70/80 GHz Backhaul Radios)

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(note: pictures are pending on the dual-radio model, which utilizes two 10 Gbps radios and a Dual Polarity adaptor/mount.)