F A S T E R   T H A N    F I B E R   P O I N T    T O   P O I N T   R A D I O S 


How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

LightPointe wireless bridges are used to speed data, voice, and video transmission in telecom carrier networks 

The proliferation of cellphones, iPads, Android phones, and other mobile devices has placed great demand on telecom networks. Companies like AT&T, Sprint, and others have turned to LightPointe wireless bridges to aggregate such data and transport it from one tower or building to another.

Companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Deutsche Telekom (T Mobile), and other mobile carriers have deployed LightPointe's wireless bridges to support their 3G and 4G networks.

4G backhaul networks represent a substantial departure from traditional 2G and 3G technology networks. 4G architecture is based on packet technology including the use of Ethernet physical interfaces for interconnection between the various network elements. The flat and simplified nature of LTE distributes more intelligence into the radios and eliminates radio controllers as separate devices. 4G disrupts 2G/3G’s traditional hierarchical backhaul paradigm and creates new, high-capacity and cost-effective deployment opportunities including numerous small cell backhaul scenarios.


Industries & Sectors:

  • Telecom
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Cable TV
  • Private network providers