F A S T E R   T H A N    F I B E R   P O I N T    T O   P O I N T   R A D I O S 

How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

The world's highest performance, longest distance 60 GHz radios

LightPointe's manufacturers two families of 60 GHz radios, the AireLink 60 Series, and the Ultra Low Latency Aire X-Stream 60 Series.

AireLink models come in several flexible configurations, with three antenna sizes to choose from and a new "Tandem" model which utilizes a unique coupler which enables customers to double throughput capacity, using two radios with one antenna.

Aire X-Stream 60 models are Layer 1 radios designed for the absolute lowest latency possible. These radios are deployed in time-sensitive networks, such as in High Frequency Trading (HFT), military, and emergency networks. The Aire X-Stream 60 is often chosen over 70/80 GHz ULL radios in country's where licensing for 70/80 is challenging or expensive. 60 GHz is an excellent alternative, since it is license free worldwide.