The world's highest performance, longest distance 60 GHz radios

LightPointe's manufacturers two families of 60 GHz radios, the AireLink 60 Series, and the Ultra Low Latency Aire X-Stream 60 Series.

AireLink models come in several flexible configurations, with three antenna sizes to choose from and a new "Tandem" model which utilizes a unique coupler which enables customers to double throughput capacity, using two radios with one antenna.

Aire X-Stream 60 models are Layer 1 radios designed for the absolute lowest latency possible. These radios are deployed in time-sensitive networks, such as in High Frequency Trading (HFT), military, and emergency networks. The Aire X-Stream 60 is often chosen over 70/80 GHz ULL radios in country's where licensing for 70/80 is challenging or expensive. 60 GHz is an excellent alternative, since it is license free worldwide.


F A S T E R   T H A N    F I B E R   P O I N T    T O   P O I N T   R A D I O S 

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