LightPointe vs. Ignitenet / Buyer's Guide

 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and Ignitenet 60 GHz  Point to Point radios

AireLink 60 Tandem

(2500 Mbps)

AireLink 80 20Gig MX

(20 Gbps / Dual Radio)


SkyFire 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz

(2.4 GHz: 300 Mbps)

​(5 GHz: 866 Mbps)






Industry innovator/leader:

  • World's lowest latency 60 GHz and 80 GHz radios (Faster than fiber Ultra Low Latency).
  • 10 Gbps radio solution requires only one radio on each side of the link (competitors require 2 on each side).
  • World's first 20 Gbps radio solution, for a combined aggregated total capacity of 40 Gbps.
  • Industry's first hybrid laser-radios, utilizing up to 8 overlapping laser beams and radio frequency transmission.
  • Industry's first industrial wireless 60 GHz radio (ruggedized/robust 60 GHz for Industry 4.0 applications).
  • Available/Exclusive 9 levels of modulation to optimize link performance in real-time in any weather.
  • Broadest line of 60 GHz and 80 GHz solutions, for every budget and application.
  • Numerous patents across hybrid wireless bridge sector.

Most of our products are manufactured in the USA, which enhances product innovation and support.

Long-term stability since 1998, led by the pioneer in wireless bridges Dr. Heinz Willebrand who was named by EE Times one of the "Forty innovators building the foundation of the next-gen electronics industry."

Quality and reliability (ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm) 

User-friendly Graphical User Interface for easy installation and control.

AireLink 80 10Gig EX

(10 Gbps / Single Radio)

AireLink 80 EX

(1250 Mbps)

ignitenet 60 GHz radio

10 Gbps using just ONE radio.

Broadest line of 80 GHz radios in the industry AND world's fastest Ultra Low Latency radios

AireLink 60 LX

(1250 Mbps)

Ignitenet MetroLinq 60GHz

(1 Gbps or 2.5 Gbps)

LightPointe Communications, Inc. (Founded in 1998)

Headquarters: Employees (no debt or venture capital/loans)

Manufacturing locations: San Diego, California and Europe

Technologies: 60 GHz radios, 80 GHz radios, Free Space Optics, Hybrid Laser-Radios

Ignitenet (Founded in 2014)

Headquarters: Irvine, California

Ownership: Privately held

Manufacturing locations: Asia

Technologies: Ignitenet 60 GHz radios, 802.11ac WiFi access points, switches

AireLink 80 10Gig LX

(10 Gbps / Single Radio)

AireLink 60 SX

(1250 Mbps)

AireLink 80 SX

(1250 Mbps)

AireLink 60 MX

(1250 Mbps)

AireLink 80 20Gig EX

(20 Gbps / Dual Radio)

IndustrialLink IL60

(1250 Mbps)

Buyers should conduct their own review of specifications and models highlighted in this Buyer's Guide. LightPointe is an independent U.S. manufacturer and is NOT affiliated in any way with Ignitenet. Information contained herein is for editorial/informational uses intended to inform, educate, and express opinions, and was gathered from publicly available resources/websites to fairly and accurately describe LightPointe products and to fairly and accurately compare LightPointe products and services to those of competitors. All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners, including in some instances LightPointe Communications, Inc. LightPointe welcomes any corrections or additions to this Buyer's Guide.

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Dr. Heinz Willebrand, CEO, LightPointe

Aire X-Stream ULL

(1250 Mbps)

W I R E L E S S   F I B E R   —  P O I N T    T O   P O I N T   B A C K H A U L 

How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

2.4, 5, 60, 70, and 80 GHz Point to Point Radio Model Comparison:  

Wireless Bridge Company information:

AireLink 80 20Gig LX

(20 Gbps / Dual Radio)

AireLink 80 10Gig MX

(10 Gbps / Single Radio)

LightPointe  (LightPointe, IndustrialLink, AireLink, Air X-Stream are trademarks of LightPointe Communications, Inc.)

LightPointe verses Ignitenet

Advantages of LightPointe

USA & Canada (offices: San Diego, Houston, Denver)

+1 858-863-0337
​Fax: 858-430-3458

Germany & Northern Europe
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France & Southern Europe
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Central & South America
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Asia & Pacific
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Australia & New Zealand
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Middle East
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+33 6 60 13 71 24
+49 151115 8871 9

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World's first 20 Gbps radio solution, which results in a total aggregated link capacity of 40 Gbps!

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AirLink 80 Tandem

(2.5 Gbps)

Broadest line of license-free 60 GHz radios in the industry

Aire X-Stream 80

(1250 Mbps)

AireLink 80 LX

(1250 Mbps)

AireLink 80 MX

(1250 Mbps)


Ignitenet   (Ignitenet, MetroLinq, and SkyFire are trademarks of Ignitenet. LightPointe is not affiliated with Ignitenet. This is a comparison Buyer's Guide.)

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