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As featured in Mission Critical Communications Magazine

(LightPointe 60 GHz Radios)

LightPointe Introduces Ruggedized 60 GHz Radio and Vibration-Dampening Mount for Installations Prone to Extreme Weather, Vibration, and Demanding Temporary Deployments, such as Special Events or Emergency Communications Restoration

San Diego, CA – LightPointe, a leading manufacturer of millimeter wave point-to-point radios used for ultra high capacity Gigabit connectivity, has introduced a 60 GHz radio which is engineered to be more robust and reliable for installations prone to high winds, harsh weather, and vibration. LightPointe’s IL60 radio can also withstand the wear and tear of repeated deployments, such as in emergency communications restoration, repeated temporary installations at special events, or demanding environments in the field, such as military theater of operations.

“LightPointe’s newest addition to our 60 GHz radio portfolio—which is the broadest line of 60 GHz radios in the industry—was designed from the ground up to be more robust and reliable than any other 60 GHz radio on the market,” said Dr. Heinz Willebrand, CEO of LightPointe. “Our engineers accomplished this by integrating a special high performance Lens Antenna with a heavy-duty radio enclosure which can be attached to a pole, building, tower—or even a temporary tripod—with a unique vibration-dampening mount. Unlike competing 60 GHz radios, our IL60 is designed to handle the vibration incurred during extreme weather events. This purpose-built radio was engineered to be tough and ultra-reliable in the worst weather. This also makes the license-free IL60 radio ideal in handling the wear and tear of temporary deployments, such as for emergency responders restoring communications, installations for special events, and military bases or Theater of Operations. It’s Gigabit capacity and available Full Line Speed FIPS compliant AES 256 encryption is also ideal for sensitive communications, such as for C4ISR applications—Command, Control, Communications, Computer, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.”

In addition to a more robust hardware design, the IL60 includes unique LightPointe software features such as 9 levels of Adaptive Coding and Modulation and Flexible Power Control—enabling transmission of data or digital video in both long range deployments up to a mile and short range in, for example, a convention center, stadium, or factory requiring an industrial wireless solution.

Applications for ruggedized radios: 

Emergency communications restoration (Internet, phone, first responders).
Special events (concerts, conferences, tradeshows, public events).
Permanent installations in areas with harsh weather (wind gusts, hurricanes, tornados).
Military bases and Theater of Operations (Army, Marine Corp, Navy, Air Force, and National Guard).
Corporate and enterprise emergency backup to ensure continuous business operations and revenues after disruption of public networks (hospitals, data centers, banks, stores, ecommerce).
Special installations prone to vibration (amusement parks, train stations, airports, transportation hubs, bridges and roads). 

About LightPointe
LightPointe (www.LightPointe.com) is a San Diego-based manufacturer of wireless Gigabit capacity bridges for enterprises and 4G/5G LTE carrier markets. The company is also the #1 manufacturer of Ultra Low Latency (ULL) wireless bridges utilized for High Frequency Trading (HFT) networks, Data Centers, Data Warehousing, and Cloud Networks. LightPointe is owned by a billion-dollar Silicon Valley firm and employees.

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Always-on voice, data, M2M, and video transmission for Mission Critical Wireless Networks

LightPointe’s products are utilized in Mission Critical Wireless Networks which demand 100% uptime in order to protect people, essential equipment, facilities, and public utilities. With the increase in networked devices and need for higher capacity backhaul of such networks, LightPointe's wireless bridges offer unique advantages in transmission security, throughput, and reliability...including redundant systems which automatically switch over to backup systems.

LightPointe's Free Space Optics/Laser bridges, particularly, are often deployed in locations where radio frequency interference, or transmissions, could present a safety hazard, such as in airports and critical public infrastructure facilities. Optical communications are vitually impossible to intercept, and are not susceptible to RF interference or eavesdropping. They are inherently highly secure for data and digital video transmission.

Industries & Sectors for Mission Critical Networks:

  • Utilities (Water, Electricity)
  • Oil & Gas
  • Military
  • Government (Local, State, Federal)
  • Transportation (Airports, Train Stations, Mass Transit)