F A S T E R   T H A N    F I B E R   P O I N T    T O   P O I N T   R A D I O S 

How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

60 GHz radios are the perfect choice for affordable, license free point to point connectivity

About 60 GHz (V-Band) Communications
Telecommunications regulators around the world have followed the U.S. Federal Communications Commission and allocated spectrum between 57 and 64 GHz. This has opened up tremendous opportunities for telecom carriers and enterprises desiring wireless connectivity between buildings, towers, and other locations such as light poles in cities.

Financial benefits of 60 GHz radios

  • Available in most regions of the world license free, with no license initiation or annual fees.
  • Excellent Return On Investment/ROI (less expensive than most other types of microwave or millimeter wave radios).
  • Lower component costs due to economies of scale and widespread adoption, and components have been proven over many years.

Technical benefits of 60 GHz radios

  • Very good “carrier class” performance for high-speed (Gigabit capacity) internet, data, and voice communications.
  • Radios can have a small “footprint,” making them perfect for metropolitan areas or aesthetically sensitive installations, such as in historic districts or architecturally regulated areas. 
  • 60 GHz has unique characteristics which provide a high degree of immunity to interference from other radio signals.
  • Large 7 GHz channel size (“bigger pipe”), compared to conventional microwave solutitions (5 to 30 MHz).
  • “Oxygen absorption” attenuates 60 GHz signals such that they cannot travel far beyond their intended path, which (a) enhances signal/data security and (b) enables customers to install numerous 60 GHz radios in the same area (higher “frequency reuse”).
  • Excellent directivity via highly focused point-to-point antennas, perfect for building-to-building, tower-to-tower, and small cell deployments.
  • Up to “Five 9’s” (99.999%) availability, depending on rainfall rates/geographic location. In most parts of the world, rain attenuation can be compensated for by selecting the appropriate antenna and assessing link distance correctly, which is made easier by LightPointe’s unique availability of three different 60 GHz antennas.

Why choose LightPointe 60 GHz radios?

  1. Higher performance than competing solutions. Maximum EIRP of +55 dBm, compared to competitors (42 dBm), provides higher reliability and longer distances. Only 60 GHz radio with three antenna options, enabling the world’s highest performance 60 GHz radio solution.
  2. Backed by LightPointe (17th year in business) and a billion dollar organization.
  3. Next generation design provides unparralled cost, value, and user features. 
  4. Designed and manufactured by LightPointe, an ISO9001: 2008 company.
  5. Industry-leading 2 year warranty.
  6. Hitless 9 level automatic coding and modulation (ACM).
  7. Small footprint and advanced Lens Antenna enables the radio to perform like a much larger radio/antenna (AireLink 60 SX).
  8. LED indicators provide installer and customer with feedback, saving time and preventing truck rolls. Most competing solutions do not have any indicators.
  9. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enables installer to run just one cable to the radio in most installations.
  10. Jumbo frame support for video and other demanding applications.