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How to buy LightPointe point to point radios

Aire X-Stream 60 MX (Medium Range)

Ultra Low Latency 60 GHz radio


The Aire X-Stream X60 backhaul solution: World's fastest, lowest latency 60 GHz wireless bridge

LightPointe’s Aire X-Stream™ Series, which complements our widely acclaimed AireBeam™ Series, is ideal for ultra-low latency Gigabit Ethernet transmission. The Aire X-Stream Series includes 60 and 80 GHz radios, and Free Space Optics wireless bridges. These state-of-the-art backhaul solutions can be utilized to easily establish point-to-point connectivity between buildings and/or towers in high speed Ethernet networks, including High Speed Trading (HFT) applications and time-senstive and real-time military or homeland security applications.

With equipment/terminal latency of less than 10 ns (nanoseconds) and full duplex layer 1 transmission transparency, the advanced Aire X-Stream™ Series is perfect for organizations requiring the ultimate in extreme speed and low latency—even faster than optical fiber. Aire X-Stream™ 60 GHz systems are available in medium distance (X60-MX) and long distance (X60-LX) configurations using carrier-grade high gain parabolic 1 foot and 2 foot antennas.

  • Less than 10 nanoseconds equipment/terminal latency! (world's lowest latency 60 GHz radio)
  • For applications requiring the absolute lowest latency transmission, such as High Frequency Trading, military applications, & time-sensitive enterprise data connectivity.
  • Hundreds of times faster than the nearest competing Layer-1 radio and, when compared to Layer-2 radios, 4000 times better latency performance!


  • Ultra-low latency fiber-like long distance building connectivity for schools, businesses, government buildings and hospitals—without trenching/installing fiber or the recurring costs of leased-line alternatives.
  • Optimized for time sensitive applications such as High Frequency Stock Trading.
  • Ideal for applications where time is of the essence, such as for Military Theater of Operations and base connectivity.
  • Homeland security applications.
  • Extreme long distance installations where daisy-chaining multiple radios (back-to-back) may be required, while maintaining excellent transmission speed/low latency and high availability.
  • Backhaul applications requiring high capacity and transparent SyncE/IEEE1588 transport.

Advanced Next Generation Radio Features

  • High speed full-duplex Layer 1 transparent 1.25 Gbps/Gigabit connectivity.
  • World’s lowest latency 60 GHz system with equipment latency of less than 10 ns/nanoseconds (equipment/terminal latency).
  • Clock and Data Recovery (CDR) for ultra long distance cascadable back-to-back operation.
  • MM or SM fiber connectors for each side of link.
  • Ultra high gain 1ft/.3m & 2ft/.6m field-changeable antennas.
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) or direct 48 Vdc power connection.
  • Industry exclusive link optimizer/indicators.
  • Ultra-low power consumption (<20W).
  • Easy-mount polarization adjustment.
  • Lightweight all-weather outdoor enclosure.
  • Web browser, Syslog, and SNMP support.

Aire X-Stream 60 LX (Long Range)

Ultra Low Latency 60 GHz radio